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God Eater 2

Cute new neko-girl Nana to join the ranks… with a BIG hammer!

Bandai has recently released over 30 images for their upcoming sequel to the original PSP title, God Eater 2. Showcased among the images are the new Boost Hammer weapon, as well as several of its’ unique attacks, including Boost Rush, Drive and Impact.

Also featured is a new character, Kazuki Nana, a 17-year old Blood spec-ops member, listed as an orphan who has a nonchalant personality, with little memory of her past, who enlists with the ‘hero’ at the start. Voice acting for this character is credited to Emiri Katou, who has done VA work on several popular animes in the past, including Black Butler and Baka & Test.

God Eater 2

Other images include vistas of the new battlefield, “Wall of Scars” and a new Aragami manager-weapon called “God Machine Solider”. Several of these screenshots are available at our source link for perusal.


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