Devil May Cry PC Version Slashes Console Competition

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

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Devil May Cry

Speaking as someone who almost exclusively plays video games on consoles, this writer was naturally skeptical to find out that the purported ‘best’ version of the newly released Devil May Cry, created by Ninja Theory for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, is actually the PC version. It just didn’t make sense. DMC is a hack and slash platformer bursting at the seams with personality and insanity. Perhaps more mellow than the original version, but served far better by a more compelling plot and characterization, it just seemed as though this type of game would be best served by a game controller, not played via keyboard and mouse shenanigans. Luckily for PC enthusiasts, this old hand was wrong.

According to early impressions of the PC version, which is slated to release in just a handful of days on January 25th, this game beats out the consoles for a couple of compelling reasons. First off, the visual acuity of a PC allows the game to run at a frame rate of near 60 frames per second, with nearly no lag. For such an action packed game, the faster it moves, the better. A second reason that this version is worth the wait is simple – on PCs this beauty looks like a next gen title, and the feel of the game can be improved by the use of various simple peripherals. So with better looks, and adjustable brains, it looks as though Dante is best enjoyed on your computer screen.


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  • Yup no brainer.
    I just hope actual next gen consoles can go beyond what current PCs can do. But I doubt it if rumors of having GPUs like the HD6670 and the HD7670 turn out to be true. Those are turd GPUs.
    Ideally i’d easily pay a hefty price for a console with something akin to a GTX 670/680 ;HD7950/7970; inside. But we’ll never see that happen. Just look at what Square could do with a GTX680 at 60FPS with 8xMSAA+FXAA with the Lumious Engine Demo.

    Anywho, i’ll be buying this on PC very soon personally.

    • Beyond what current PCs can do would be INSANELY expensive. I don’t think that either Sony or Microsoft want to be twice as expensive as Nintendo again (look what happen last gen).


    Joking aside, I disagree with your opinions on the game. The PC version will be better, but that’s not saying much, since DmC is pretty terrible all around. It’s mediocre as an action game, and it’s an abomination as a Devil May Cry game.

    Even from a technical standpoint, the port will be pretty mediocre. Compare it to the PC version of DMC4, which was optimized so well virtually any computer can get a solid 60 fps, plus it included a new difficulty that placed hundreds of enemies on the screen. Of course, Ninja Theory is so technically inept DmC doesn’t get a fraction of that.

    • dubaloseven

      As someone who has played both DMC4 and the new DmC, Ninja Theory mops the floor with the previous entry.

    • You’re joking, right? And what about 3? that’s usually considered the best of the series. 4 suffers a bit from repetition, but that’s because a lot of content was cut.
      Even then, DMC4’s combat is still incredibly fast, difficult and complex, whereas DmC is slow, shallow and way too easy. Just look up truestyle tournaments to get an idea of what DMC is like, something DmC doesn’t even come close to.

      Combat aside, the story is also terrible. You know DmC has a problem when it makes more sense to consider Donte as the bad guy (seriously, he unleashed hell into the world, humans are going to get massacred). Never mind the squirrel spunk portals, or babies exploding into “little wet chunks” (old Dante would not have been ok with that). Why isn’t Vergil about honor? Why the hell does he use guns?

      Why was Ninja Theory too stubborn to use anything but the Unreal Engine, something that can’t putter past 30 fps, when 60 is almost required for what DmC should be like?

    • dubaloseven

      While I can’t reply to everything in that letter, I’ll try to cover the themes I see in this. I haven’t beaten DMC3 (I don’t own it, but I’ve played a good portion), so my opinion on it is incomplete and therefore invalid.

      The original reviewer (I completely discredit him, fucking other m) said it was dumb fun. No it wasn’t. I had no problem taking it seriously. The story was great. It was culturally relevant, and instead of breaking the 4th wall, put some effort towards an actual story. I’m sorry, but you’re not going to convince me that the Honorary 5th Ninja Turtle is any sort of decent or relatable character. In DmC, on the other hand, you could feel Dante and Kat’s relationship. You saw Dante constantly developing, every story situation brought forth a part of him that could be built and expanded on. And no, Dante did do more than “Fuck you”. Yes, that was a bit of who he was, but he also made the snide remarks in the same fashion as old-school dante (You look a little mixed up). And the FEW fuck you parts in there were well placed (not near as many as people make it out to be).

      Why isn’t Vergil about honor you ask? Because this isn’t the same universe. They aren’t doing anything wrong by not making everyone a reflection of who they once were. (Also spoilers are required for this, so for now I can’t fully answer that). I personally think its better this way.

      As for combat, its the whole MvC2 vs UMvC3 thing. MvC2 had more by-the-books complexity, and more mechanics to work with. UMvC3, however, while being much more accessible, is also way more flexible, opening up some of the most far out shit imaginable. DmC is also brand new, so we don’t know how high the skill ceiling is. In terms of the amount of enemies, yes, thats one thing old-school DMC wins. However, with DmC’s own bloody palace around the corner (it’s free), that will most likely scratch that itch.

    • >culturally relevant
      Again, like the image is saying, the game is trying to bill itself as having a deep message and being relevant, but what is it saying? Media and Big Business is bad? It doesn’t DO anything with that.

      Plus, They Live had an identical setup (controlling humans through subliminal messages in media).

      >Honorary 5th Ninja Turtle
      Who are you talking about? Old Dante? Nero? (The similarities between Donte and Nero are pretty strange, by the way)

      >decent or relatable character
      Why the hell would you want a relatable Dante? The whole point is that DMC is a parody of the teenage power fantasy. It goes so over-the-top that it comes out the other end as awesome. I don’t want to relate to Dante or Donte, I want some cuhrazy action.

      The story wasn’t good. It has plotholes (Dante’s destroying the world, don’t forget that, yet no one seems to care), poor dialogue (“little wet chunks”, for one), poor characterization (“well my dick’s bigger”), and was edgy for the sake of being edgy (the aforementioned gun abortion as one example, or the opening of the game being a cutscene with strippers).

      >They aren’t doing anything wrong by not making everyone a reflection of who they once were
      But that’s exactly wrong! You can’t just create an entirely new character, different in everything except name, and say “lol it’s a reboot!” Ultimate Marvel is an example of how to do it better. It plays with facets of the characters from the original universe. They’re similar enough to be recognizable, but still original enough to have their own story.

      As far as gameplay, DmC is terrible. What little I’ve seen is so slow as to be infuriating. Fewer enemies makes it too easy, as well. even on higher difficulties, it’s still crazy easy. Just look at the Mundus bossfight, it’s absolutely horrible. I could fight that thing in my sleep.

      Honestly, if this weren’t Devil May Cry, I wouldn’t give a shit. It would just be a mediocre action game. But it is DmC, and then Ninja Theory has to go give a FUCK YOU to original fans with things like

    • dubaloseven

      >but what is it saying?
      Did you seriously not catch the obvious analogy of The Order (Order=Anonymous). Was the plot the deepest thing ever? No(still more depth than DmC4 for sure). The deep message was hidden in the development of the characters. Dante (who USED to be the 5th Honorary Ninja Turtle) is constantly being developed, and you can see his prejudices against certain type of being, and his thoughts on freedom and mercy evolve. This something the young of this generation have done right (outside of the swag/yolo crowd).

      >Why the hell would you want a relatable Dante?
      Why would you not? You seem to think just he has no potential for a relatable character and must be solely over-the-top. Well that isn’t true. This isn’t Jet Set Radio. A character with a legitimately good personality will always beat out a character with a satirically good personality. Also on the charicterization points we both interpreted them very different, so it’ll just turn into a meaningless peeing contest.

      >was edgy for the sake of being edgy
      How was Lilith’s death egdy for being edgy. This was a focal point for the endgame. It’s where you start to get truly suspicious of Vergil’s motives. The stripper scene was also important, as it was how they found Dante in the first place (you see its importance later as well).

      >What little I’ve seen
      So you haven’t played it? Well let me tell you that what you’ve seen are average players exploring a game that just came out. You also don’t have a full grasp on the story, as I wouldn’t have needed to explain the previous point to you. Seriously, I’ve seen tons from every entry, but you don’t see me spouting off like I know what I’m talking about.

    • >Anonymous analogy
      No I got that, I think it’s fucking stupid but that’s not the point. The point is I’m not seeing a message in the plot besides “Anarchy is good, big business is bad”. As for character, yeah I need to play the games to see this happen.


      Old Dante did have character. New Donte does too, I just hate his and think it’s a really bad personality. But yeah, neither of us will agree.

      Also, I still find his similarity to Nero odd.

      >How was Lilith’s death egdy
      Dude shot a pregnant woman, let Lilith sit in horror for several moments as she realized her baby was dead, and then shot her in the head. And alright, sure, maybe that’s a way to show that Vorgil’s messed up and not a good guy.

      But then Donte doesn’t respond to it, doesn’t get mad at Vorgil. In fact, he openly taunts Mundus with it, looking sadistically gleeful as he explains how the baby exploded into “little wet chunks”. And I’m supposed to root for this guy? He’s a prick!

      That baby abortion is like the textbook definition of edgy.

      As for the strippers, just because they fit it into the plot doesn’t mean it’s not edgy. There are ways they could have worked it out and still make the plot good, without being edgy.

      >haven’t played it
      I don’t need to play it, is the thing. I’ve seen plenty, and most of my arguments lie in things that can be demonstrated from videos or known information about the game. You can compare gameplay of the games; regardless of skill, DmC moves slower than old games (the locked framerate certainly doesn’t help). It looks more comparable to Darksiders than DMC.

      Anyway, let me reiterate: I don’t hate this game. If it weren’t DMC, I might even like it. I’m sure it’s fun. But I’m also sure that on a true 10 point scale, it’s a 6/10 at best.

      And it could be worse. At least it’s a reboot, and not canon like the trainwreck of a game Other M is (in both gameplay and story). I feel the gameplay and story are step backs in many ways, but they also aren’t as terrible as I’m sure my posts made them sound.

      So, goodbye, let’s agree to not agree and fuck you for ignoring some of the points I made to cherrypick others.

    • dubaloseven

      I’ve been rather busy recently and so I didn’t have time to look completely into everything, so I apologize for cherry-picking. My bad (try hitting up that reddit link I gave you, you’ll get more thorough explanations and counter-points there).

      And for the “gun arbortion” and “little wet chunks” part, Dante was upset at Vergil, but they need to hit Mundus as soon as possible, since he was still weak. Should they have gone a bit more into that? Yes. Also, I think since Dante got to sit there and watch Mundus rip his mother’s heart out, insulting Mundus’ pain is most definetly called for.

      I’m with you on the agree to disagree thing. I personally think its a 9/10 (most fun I’ve had since Xenoblade). But arguing is useless at this point.

      Fuck Other M

      So yeah, I somewhat enjoyed this, but its better that we just drop it here.

  • The fact that you don’t realize that just about every PC game now has controller support makes pretty much any opinion you have on PC gaming invalid.


      The fact that you don’t realize that just about every PC game now has controller support makes pretty much any opinion you have on PC gaming invalid.

      Controllers for PC? Those don’t exist at all! 😀

    • Well any wired Xbox 360 controller (first party or third party) works perfectly on a Windows PC with a Microsoft driver. Since most PC games are ports of console games, the coding for the Xbox controller is already done, so they include it in the PC version, even in first person games, where the mouse and keyboard is always better.

  • SecretX

    I’m still gonna get the ps3 version just because DMC first came out on the ps2. who knows they might fix it on their next update.

    • dubaloseven

      I get where you’re coming from, but PS3 has difficulty running Unreal, and despite the masterpiece of a game that DmC is, this issue becomes apparent when the big set pieces go down as the framerate dips and less happens. If you want to play it on consoles (I too am a console guy), go 360 if you can.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    This hardly seems like news.  Based on the title of this article,I thought there was going to be something about the PC version that was unusually good, but far better graphics on PC versions of games is completely normal.  Just about every multiplat that’s on PC runs smoother and looks better than the console counterparts, and most of them are also compatible with console remotes connected to the PC.  Add to that the ability to plug them into your TV, and the PC versions are pretty much always the best versions.  It’s just a lot more expensive, and less convenient, to use a PC instead of a console.