Final Fantasy: All the Bravest Coming to iOS Today

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

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Yesterday, we speculated that the teaser site launched by Square-Enix had something to do with Final Fantasy 6. Turns out that wasn’t the case—but the mystery behind “All the Bravest” has been revealed. Final Fantasy: All the Bravest has been listed on iTunes. Here’s information and screenshots for the game, as per the iTunes listing.

All the Bravest Title

 FINAL FANTASY ALL THE BRAVEST—A pick-up-and-go RPG with massive battles!

■The Active Time Battle system is back with the largest parties in FINAL FANTASY history!
FINAL FANTASY ALL THE BRAVEST is a touch-action RPG in which you continuously battle enemies to advance through the game’s many stages. Defeating foes earns you the experience points you need to level up, which in turns grants you character slots to add more and more members to your party.
Combat is based on the classic Active Time Battle (ATB) system of the FINAL FANTASY series. Every character possesses an ATB gauge that displays the time remaining until that character can execute an action. When the gauge is full, simply tap or drag your finger over the character to attack. Touch multiple characters in quick succession to experience exhilarating and fast-paced battle unlike anything you’ve ever played before!
Once every three hours, the Fever option will appear. Once activated, you will be able to attack without waiting for ATB gauges to refill as long as the chocobo-themed music is playing. Deal as much damage as you can before the battle fever ends!

■Characters, enemies, and music from throughout the FINAL FANTASY series!
Progress through the game to unlock over 20 different classic jobs, including warrior, monk, red mage, and more! Each job brings its own special abilities to the battleground, where you will encounter timeless FINAL FANTASY foes such as behemoths, bombs, and cactuars. At the end of each stage waits a harrowing encounter with a fiendish FINAL FANTASY boss!
The game’s musical library comes packed with over 30 songs from the series, the majority of which are themes from battle. The perfect soundtrack to listen to as your crush your enemies and see them driven before you!

■Track your collection of every character, enemy, and item with in-game catalogs!
The game’s three catalogs will keep a record of every character that joins your ranks, every enemy you encounter, and every item you obtain. Collect them all and open the catalogs to flip through the nostalgia whenever you like!

■Take part in leaderboards and social networking features!
Global leaderboards will rank players based on stats such as the amount of damage dealt in the course of a single Fever. You will also be able to track progress and other feats using the game’s achievement system. Social networking features allow you to post directly to Facebook and Twitter, and reward you for doing so by granting additional member slots. Post and tweet away to increase the size of your party for battle!

■Purchase premium characters and new game worlds!
The in-game shop offers access to 35 famous characters from a number of FINAL FANTASY titles. Each purchase ensures you will receive a new, random character. Which powerful favorites will you have join your party? You are also able to purchase additional game stages from FINAL FANTASY VII, X, and XIII. Board airships bound for new worlds where further adventures await!

All The Bravest All the Bravest 002 Bravest 007 Bravest 008

I guess this news is saddening for those who are eagerly anticipating a western release for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. I say stay strong, ladies and gentlemen. Hope springs eternal!

  • JimBob Barnicles

    Such bullshit. Hope doesn’t spring eternal with Sqeenix. NOTHING springs from them anymore. I mean sure, it’s nice to open up to a new market, but it would be nice to see some console releases, not just shitty iOS and browser based garbage.

  • Dave

     Why do they have countdowns for these kinds of games? First Star Ocean and now this 🙁

    •  They aim to disappoint.

    • Hey, Star Ocean games are actually good.. the games that shouldn’t be getting countdowns are the ports like World Ends With You, This, and all the other shovelware they are putting out. They REALLY need to get some priorities x.x

  • Aerokii

    Wish this was on Android… but, meh, who even cares about this company any more.

  • Vaiglor

    I think the biggest reason all of us still pay attention to SE and their releases is that nobody has taken the torch from them and ran with it.  They have been mostly garbage ever since most of the talent left after Final Fantasy X.  The thing is we all yearn for the days of big epic adventures Sakaguchi woudl spin for us with beautiful graphics and the moving OSTs Uematsu used to make.  These days we get terribly unrelatable characters and no sense of wonder or humor.  Who wants to spend 60 hours with characters and stories with people you wouldn’t want to be around for 5 minutes.

    I think until some developer starts consistently putting out games that fill the whole that the Final Fantasy series and some of Square’s other great games used to fill we will all continue to care.  Even though the company doesn’t seem to care about us, and I really doubt they have the talent left to truly fulfill our wants anyway…….

    • That’s a very sound point of view, Vaiglor. I suppose that’s why games like Xenoblade and The Last Story resonate so deeply with us. 

      Honestly, Monolith Soft has filled the gap in my life set by Square-Enix. Between Xenoblade and Soma Bringer (I imported it; look for a review and more soon), they’re very quickly becoming a developer who automatically gets my money, much like Square…used to be. 

      But, for their ten-thousand iOS games, there’s also Dragon Quest IX, 4 Heroes of Light, and Bravely Default. I guess even Kingdom Hearts 3D counts, despite me not being a big fan of it. 

      I don’t quite understand their huge focus on iOS games, but…there’s a glimmer of light within Square that needs to be more publicized. I think their only chance of winning us back IS to release Bravely Default in 2013. 

    • multibottler0cket

      If only Mistwalker had more funding… Though I wish Sakaguchi would make another turn based RPG like Lost Odyssey, but a little more refined and not on 360. He seems to be focused on action RPGs these days though…

  • And here I was hoping “All the Bravest” would be Bravely Default’s English title.  Good to know I wasn’t alone.

  • multibottler0cket

    < / 3

    I really don't like smart phones or tablets… Or Apple…

    Here's to hoping for an Android Ouya release I guess.

  • God damnit, Square. God. Freaking. Damnit.

  • Vaiglor

    I feel the biggest issue with the lack of good JRPGs coming to the west in this current console generation is that it is so well divided.  Playstation 3, 360, and Wii all have a decent size install base in the west, but unlike the last two console generations there isn’t one console with just a MASSIVE install base like the PS1 and PS2 had.  I think it was easier for JRPG companies to release games and make money in the west then since they only had to sell to a tiny percentage of the console’s install base since it was so enormous. 

    This generation 360 started out strong on JRPG since they paid companies to put exclusive rpgs out on 360 to try and finally get some of the Japanese market.  This failed miserably and we never see JRPGs on the 360 anymore.  PS3 took so long to get going sales wise because of a million reasons and it never got going like the PS1/PS2 did.  Finally, the Wii has a pretty big install base, but most of it is families who buy the system and maybe 4-5 games ever that are all kid/family friendly. (Obviously that is a generalization.)  The point is if you were a JRPG fan during the PS1/PS2 eras you could just own the Sony system and you got to experience 90% or more of the good RPGs then.  Now you have to own all the systems if you want to fulfill that craving and even then there are still way less JRPGs then there were in the past.

    I agree about Monolith Soft.  That was an excellent point you made there Mr. Higgins.  I will profess to not knowing much about Soma Bringer but I will do some research now.  Xenoblade and Last Story are two of my three favorite JRPGs this console generation with the other being Tales of Vesperia.  Xenoblade and Last Story are both such steps forward in different ways that they give me a glimmer of hope for the future of the JRPG. 

    I think our hopes for JRPG this coming generation revolve around a few things. 

    One…. How much will the install base of the 3DS continue to increase in the West. Those things sell like hotcakes in Japan and it is cheap to make games for.  Gobs of JRPGs will be on it for years but will enough 3DS units sell in N.A. and Europe that we get to see most of those games.

    Two…. It gets more unlikely by the day seeing as the PSP out sells it 2 to 1, but will Sony end up saving the Vita because if they some how could it would be a great place for developers to make HD JRPGs cheaply because of the Vita hardware and you could simply do Digital releases reducing the overhead of packing/shipping etc…. I have a Vita and Persona 4 Golden is unbelievably good……….just saying

    Three…. Does Sony come out strong this generation in sales with a more affordable console that is easy to make games for and more importantly sells well off the bat in Japan.  Maybe we could end up with more JRPGs just all coming out on one system again…..

    Four….. Does the Wii U sell enough units and does it sell enough units to more hardcore gamers.  It will be cheaper to make games on the Wii U then the PS4/Xbox720 so perhaps we could see some good RPGs there.  At least we can probably safely assume Monolith Soft will bring out some gems on the system.

    If none or some of those scenarios do not happen then I think the JRPG will basically be dead in a few years in the West as nothing will be localized.  I hope I am wrong but I doubt it.

    Sorry about the rant………

    • Whether you consider the above post a rant or not, ’tis extremely insightful. And don’t worry if you can’t find much information about Soma Bringer — it is far and away one of my favorite games in a long, long while. I plan on covering it as much as possible, once this final dungeon is behind me and I have time to write some stuff I’m satisfied with.

      Suffice to say (and not to spoil my review, but): even if you don’t understand a word of Japanese, it’s worth a buy.

    • Vaiglor

       Do you like more wordy story heavy RPGs typically or leaner on story and heavier on battle?

      I usually lean towards story heavy games.  Even games I hear complaints about for being too wordy I usually love all the talking the most of all.  With most RPGs I am there because I care about the characters, the state of the world, and what motivates the adventure/war/whatever is the main plot point. 

      Have you played Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky?  It is my favorite PSP game and it makes me lament the fact that I do not know if we will ever see the other 2/3rds of the trilogy or much of the excellent Legend of Heroes games in the West.

      Looking forward to hearing about Soma Bringer when you are finished then.

    • As a gamer, I am chiefly motivated by philosophy and narrative. So I think we’d have some similar tastes. Some of my favorite games of all time are those that leave the player, as well as the characters, questioning things about the world around them. 

      Xenoblade is a superb example of this. Others include some of Square’s…earlier aspirations, to bring this conversation full-circle.

      I’ve not gotten around to Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky yet. I own a PSP, but I loaned it out to a friend around the time Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep came out, and I haven’t been reunited with it in a long time. I was contemplating getting a Vita, but with the recent combined announcements of Pokemon XY (my girlfriend needs a 3DS to play those games) and the Fire Emblem 3DS bundle (a Limited Edition 3DS I’m extremely interested in buying)– my girlfriend gets my hand-me-down system, and I’m out $200. Haha. 

  • Vaiglor

    I was excited about the Fire Emblem bundle until I read it is with the Reg 3DS.  Buying something with 1/2 the screen real estate just b/c it has a cool design on it seems rather silly to me.  I do think it looks nice but also I have an issue with it being a digital installed copy.  I plan on buying a 3DS xl soon and I will want to put a 32 gb SD card in it because I always want the most storage possible.  I don’t think it is possible to transfer it but I could be incorrect.

    I never even beat the first KH game.  It seemed ok but I felt like it was so repetitive.  New world same thing over and over.  I realize most rpgs do this town to town and the like, but for whatever reason it seemed more obvious to me in that game.  One other thing I have an issue with is it seems like the main storyline is super murky and you only get tiny tidbits of information.  Everything is probably still guarded in secrecy after how many games the series has now I would guess. 

    Suikoden is probably my favorite JRPG series…..

    • Guest

      Yes you can transfer from any 3DS to any other 3DS, the only catch is that content is deleted on the original, including digital games that came installed on a system.

  • Jeff Neuenschwander

    I hate you, Square Enix… with all of my hate…

  • SecretX

    why aren’t they making any eshop releases? 

  • icedearthaholic

    Can’t begin to express the amount of disappointment I feel. Square-Enix is really starting to piss me off here, almost to the point where I’m thinking of boycotting their products, never thought I would say that until now, but no Bravely? No buy.

  • crawler dragon

    Square… you again…

    This game is a offense to Final Fantasy V!

  • For the love of god Square stop jerking us around and give us something actually GOOD… and for CONSOLES! Give us Bravely Default, Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy Dimensions on 3DS/Vita instead of ripping us off by making it freakin’ episodic. FINALLY come out with Versus XIII… do freakin’ SOMETHING instead of being giant cock teases and money grubbers.

  • Cheetos R

    Awesome game!