Monster Hunter 4: Two New Trailers and Lots of Screenshots

A myriad of new screenshots have turned up on Capcom’s official website for Monster Hunter 4, as well as from another major Japanese website. On top of that, Capcom have uploaded two new videos to their YouTube account.

The first lot of screenshots depict the Rathian, also known as the Queen of the Land. She’s been in the series for a long time with her partner, the Rathalos. The screenshots show her locked in combat with a hunter; poisoning him, shooting fireballs at him, stomping on him with her feet. I hope he brought dung bombs!

Monster Hunter 4

MH4 - Rathian 2MH4 - Rathian 6
MH4 - Rathian 5MH4 - Rathian 4
MH4 - Rathian 3MH4 - Rathian 1

This large ape-like creature is the Congalala. It’s been around since the second generation of Monster Hunter games. What is perhaps the most notable trait of this creature is that it can inflict different status ailments on the hunter depending on the type of fruit it’s eaten; you can see it below inflicting poison, as well as puffing itself up to look intimidating and even attempting to body slam the hunter.

MH4 - Congalala 5

MH4 - Congalala 1MH4 - Congalala 2
MH4 - Congalala 4MH4 - Congalala 3

The Gendrome is a Bird Wyvern type monster; the same as the Great Jaggi and the Great Baggi. It’s been in the Monster Hunter series since the first game, and is making a return in Monster Hunter 4. Check it out below; personally, I quite like the image of the Gendrome chasing the hunter up a wall. Wall climbing is a feature making its debut in Monster Hunter 4 that I’m really looking forward to.

MH4 - Gendrome 1MH4 - Gendrome 2
MH4 - Gendrome 4MH4 - Gendrome 3

Below we can see some more monsters, including the mighty Tigrex, who is making a comeback in Monster Hunter 4. We also see the Gore Magara, which is a new monster in Monster Hunter 4 that reportedly plays a major part in the plot. The right-hand images for both of these monsters appears to depict them inflicting the Feral Wyvern status; a new one for the series.

MH4 - New Monster

MH4 - Tigrex 1MH4 - Tigrex 2
MH4 - Gore Magara 1MH4 - Gore Magara 2

Here we can see Felyne friends in action. Felyne friends are customisable. The image below and to the left shows the creation process, the one to the right shows the Felyne’s stats and other information. Learn more about the Felyne friends in Monster Hunter 4 here.

MH4 - Felyne 1

MH4 - Felyne StatsMH4 - Felyne Customisation

Finally, here are some screenshots showing off the places and some of the people and even weapons on Monster Hunter 4.  Notably, a brand new weapon, the Bug Staff, is shown in the final image. This was revealed a while ago, but it’s still nice to see images of it.

MH4 - ButterfliesMH4 - Golden Town
MH4 - Old LeaderMH4 - Standing on Deck
MH4 - BlacksmithMH4 - Sandship
MH4 - Sword and ShieldMH4 - Bug Staff

And now here come the trailers, each of which go for just over two minutes. Enjoy!

Monster Hunter 4 will be getting a release this Summer in Japan. There has been no word of a localisation as of yet.

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