Pokemon Direct – January 8th, 2013: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Announced for 3DS

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

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I’ll be honest, ladies and gentlemen. We’re not usually inclined to report on Pokemon-related news here at oprainfall. Goodness knows we have a handful of die-hard fans both among the staff and among regular readers of this site, but…the Pokemon-centric websites out there are vast, so breaking news would be wasted on a place like this, except in two circumstances:

– Localization news, like with Pokemon Conquest, or the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, because our community loves to hear the good news, or…

– A global Nintendo Direct that takes place at 6AM, suddenly turned into “Pokemon Direct”, that promises to deliver on Game Freak’s allusion to evolution in the Pokemon franchise in 2013.

Here I am, folks. I’ll get to hear what games my girlfriend and I get to play next before I’ve even downed my morning coffee. Anyone reading this is no doubt one of many “Pokemon fans around the world” that this Nintendo Direct calls upon. So, without ado, here’s another round of coverage, courtesy of my half-asleep hands:

Pokemon Direct

Iwata begins by looking back at the Pokemon series, to what ends? The first part of this Pokemon Direct is a history lesson, focused on starter Pokemon and different versions. “Since its release, there has always been a delay for bringing Pokemon games outside of Japan.” More history, more focus on delays. I imagine whatever game is about to be announced will be released globally.

Pokemon Direct

These new games, which look exceptionally polished, will indeed be released globally in October 2013! Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are being developed exclusively for 3DS. The game will feature new Pokemon (starters and possible legendaries shown below), old Pokemon (trailer shows Gollurk, Pikachu, Psyduck, Patrat and more), and various features built with 3DS in mind.

POKEMON 009 Pokemon Direct
Pokemon Direct Pokemon XY Fire Starter
Pokemon Direct Pokemon Direct

That’s all Iwata had to share this morning, folks. This post will be updated live with more news, trailers and assets as I can grab them. You can view the entire ten minute Nintendo Direct for yourself below.

UPDATE: The official Pokemon XY Website has appeared! There, you can view gameplay footage and screens found below!

Pokemon Direct Pokemon Direct Pokemon Direct Pokemon Direct

  • SecretX

    twitter is going crazy with this pokemon news!!

  • I’m looking forward to the game while at the same time dreading the new Pokemon designs. I’ve found that each generation has contained fewer Pokemon that I actually like. It makes me wonder how long they can keep coming up with new designs.

    All I want to see is a dolphin Pokemon, a llama and an Eeveelution for every type.

    • Considering how many water types we have, its a surprise we haven’t gotten a dolphin yet.

    • madmofo145

       Your far from alone, not only are pokemon getting less inspired, but the Gotta Catch em All mantra is harder and harder to accomplish. I really wish Nintendo would take the best 400 or so, toss in some well though out new Pokemon, and reboot the series.

    • …Less inspired? Gen 1 had 2 balls, a magnet, three magnets stuck together, 2 piles of sludge, eggs… Need I go on? Each generation has its fair share of “inspired” and not-so “inspired” Pokemon. 

  • I’m really liking the game so far.  Finally, we have 3D main series Pokemon to look forward to and its coming in just nine months.  Wait a minute?  Nine months?  Pokemon X and Y?  Did I just blow my mind?!

    • It seems like the naming scheme for this generation is based on the X and Y axes, so I’m sure we’re going to get a Pokemon Z a couple years after these games are released.

    • Well, that and the gender chromosomes.  That’s what I first thought of, anyway.

    • Bob

      No, the japanese titles imply that the naming is based off the chromosomes.
      So the next games we’re seeing are Pokemon XX and XY. ;D

    • Brandon…

  • I just hope Fennekin doesn’t evolve into another friggin’ Fire/Fighting type. I really want to have another Fire-type starter that I actually like this time.

  • So this one is an actual 3D world? Cool! Though I haven’t played Pokemon since Silver… so this seems kind of cool to me. Maybe I’ll check out Soul Silver too.

  • You know…this looks pretty damned cool.  I’m not really a Pokemon fan, but the 3DS desperately needs new games, and this looks like its killer app.  

    • Babdadb

      The 3DS isn’t desperate at all, actually.

    • It is to me.  It’s been little more than a paperweight.  Fire Emblem and Pokemon should help solve that issue, though.  

    • Babdadb

      The 3DS is desperate to you. That logic is absolutely flawless, I don’t know why I doubted you.
      Well, have fun in your 3DS-game barren world. I’ll get back to playing Paper Mario and Code of Princess.

    • JonathanOPR

      In Clinton’s defense, Babdadb, Paper Mario: Sticker Star was….forgettable at best. For seekers of deep, innovative RPGs (like Fire Emblem), the system has been SEVERELY lacking.

      Unchained Blades is the only recent example I can think of that sought to change that. Outside of that, there was.. The Denpa Men, [short] and sweet, Crimson Shroud, much of the same–Paper Mario, which…isn’t an RPG so much as a sticker resource management game, Tales of the Abyss, which was a port, Kid Icarus, whose chance at greatness was destroyed by atrocious controls, and SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked which Clint likely played and beat already.

      Pokemon XY = one of many RPGs finally coming to the system in 2013, which will revive the 3DS, which so far has been lacking depth. The 3DS isn’t short on fun (Mutant Mudds, and many other digital titles), but if someone like Clinton is looking for truly deep gameplay experiences, there have been…few. 

      I’ve had a 3DS since it first came out. To this day, the only two retail games I’ve kept are Code of Princess and Ocarina of Time 3D. To add insult to injury–I’m having more fun playing a Japanese DS game (Soma Bringer) than I have with any 3DS retail game released thus far (outside of Devil Survivor: Overclocked). 

    • Babdadb

      I’ve been regularly enjoying Kid Icarus, both Mario games, Mario Kart, code of Princess, Cave Story, and Star Fox, and especially Kid Icarus.
      I have plenty of games, but that doesn’t make me any less excited for Fire Emblem and Pokemon.

  • Lukejdias

    Finally! I’ve  been waiting for a 3DS Pokemon RPG since I first heard of the 3DS. In fact, I was actually disappointed that Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 weren’t on the 3DS. Now if we can only get a Ruby and Sapphire remake…

  • I’m very excited about this. Been waiting for a Pokemon game for 3DS! The names of the new Legendary Pokémon have been revealed : Xerneas and Yveltal.