UPDATE- Lightning Returns Extended Trailer Released

Friday, December 21st, 2012

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Lightning Returns

UPDATE 12/21/2012– Shortly after the leaked video made the rounds, an official Jump Festa trailer was released with an extra minute of content.

Watch the extended trailer:

Original story below. The leaked trailer has been removed.

Recently, news of a video has emerged on this site for an official trailer for Square Enix’s upcoming sequel Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.  The video has been uploaded by several different users on Youtube, so watch it before it gets pulled.  There is a GameTrailers logo in the corner, so I’m assuming that it is supposed to be for an exclusive reveal.  Well, not so exclusive anymore.  In the video, the city is shown as Lightning walks around, and the battle system is also shown in a few parts of the clip.  Also, those glasses.

Honestly, it looks just like an extension of the previous games, even with the knowledge that we’ve been given about the more open world and tweaked battle system. What do you all think about the video?  Are you excited for Lightning Returns and liked the footage shown, or are you among the large group of gamers who hated Final Fantasy XIII?

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  • They better not have scrapped Versus for this.

    • handsomejack47

      Versus and the Lightning saga were done by two different development teams. It’s just that the Lightning games were done much faster because they already had the game engine ready to go, they just changed things around, Versus is taking longer because it’s a completely different engine, and they’re messing around with their new Luminous engine. That, and the fact that Tetsuya Nomura had to split his time making art designs for the Lightning games and committing more and more time to finishing Versus.

      Either way, Versus is still happening. The CEO of Square Enix even laughed at the rumors that were circulating a few months back about how it was cancelled.

    •  Well considering they had 2 different development teams for Xenogears and Final Fantasy 8 they took members from the Xeno team (a much better game than FF8) and left the game partially complete and shipped it just so they could finish FF8. So doesnt matter if its 2 different teams or not.

  • Do like. The battle footage felt a tad underwhelming and underdeveloped. Hopefully they will show more on this so I can get a better idea. It looks like a modified version of the same system. The game looks promising though and it definitely looks like it is going to be unique. Will it be good or bad? Who knows. I wait greatly for the game however.

  • Personally I’m a bit disappointed with this video.  I was one of the people who actually enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII.  This game, however, looks like SE is just trying to milk the game engine and assets until the next generation or until Versus/FF XIV is finished.  

    I would be okay with milking, if the game looked inspired and interesting, but this footage looks really bland.  It could just be a bad video that doesn’t showcase the game very well, so I will reserve judgement until later.  I’ll probably end up getting this game, as I own both XIII and XIII-2, unless it turns out to be a mess.

    • handsomejack47

      As far as I know, this is the last they’ll make of the Lightning saga, and I’m glad because the fanbitches will finally shut the hell up about it and go back to demanding the VII remake that is never going to happen.

    •  When did the fanboys ever STOP asking for the FFVII remake?

    •  They really NEED to, because a remake of that game is completely unnecessary and pointless.  It isn’t the FF powerhouse that fans try to make it out to be.  There are other FF titles that have much better plot, characters, music, settings, and villains.

    • handsomejack47

      Now that you mention it, they’ve never stopped demanding (they’re demanding it, not asking for the remake) and showed that they’re all stuck in 1997 when it comes to RPGs.

    • Games still in development should always have their trailers taken with a grain of salt.  Would you have preferred an all CG eye-candy trailer?

      I’m stoked for this game, and to see the battle system hang at least somewhat close to the design in the first two games despite Lightning being the only playable character is great.  I’m finally getting a true sense of how it will play.  Can’t wait.

    • Upon inspecting the video a few times, I’ve noticed some interesting things about the battle system.  It does look very interesting, especially what they’ve done with the menu design.  If anything, it should be at least as compelling to play gameplay-wise as the previous games.  I still feel that the battle system in XIII in particular is a great design and still holds up well. 

  • the overworld or the place she was visiting didnt look all to inspiring…the battle system didnt look good….i dont know…this one just seems rushed. i never liked the 13 series and this one will be no different. will i review it like i did the others? yes i will, but if i havent been impressed with the last two games why should i raise my hopes with this game? I rather them keep working on  Versus and actually FINISH IT.

    • I agree, even though I liked the original XIII.  This game just doesn’t look inspired.

    • I agree it feels very uninspiring. The series really should of ended at FFXIII-2. 

    • handsomejack47

      I believe they made the canon ending of XIII-2 a ripoff to give themselves an excuse to make a third and final game. In a way, I’m glad they made a third one, because the ending to XIII-2 made me go outside and cuss at a tree. On the other hand, I’m not too thrilled that they made a third one, mainly because I’m tired of dealing with the whiny fanboys that are stuck in 1997 when it comes to RPGs.

    •  well, im not one of them. i love a lot of the recent rpgs that have been out, but its becoming a bit silly that SE keeps milking dry an entry that hasnt been well recieved in the first place.

  • Gummy367

    I’m looking forward to it

  • icedearthaholic

    Looks decent to me, and I liked FF13 and felt 13-2 was a massive improvement gameplay wise over the original. I hope the battle system gets tweaked a little more, I also was not exactly digging the music being a slightly tweaked version of “Blinded By Light” either, hopefully we get a better feel for things the closer the game gets to release.

  • i want to see more before i get excited (but i will definetly buy this game, I already play the first and the second, so….. yeah)

  • Frank E

    The footage looked like a single player action game. No party system unless they don’t want to give up any other PC’s. I will probably be a sucker and buy it like all the other FF games I own. Lately I don’t know if I am a real fan of the series or just a collecter, I but the games and don’t play them through like I used to.

  • Pearljam8989

    Final Fantasy is just not that great anymore, thats why I prefer The Tales Series over Final Fantasy now!!!

    • hey im a big FF fan and i didnt really liked 13..(it was a terrible FF but ok rpg)
      i still bought 13 2 it was way better than 13 but still needed some work..imo
      After looking at this vid im going to get 13-3 when its 20-30€ it just doesnt look like what i expect from a ff game to be honest..

      btw a few months ago i bought Tales of Graces f (it was my first Tales Game) and i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I even bought last week a 3dsxl and Tales of the Abyss because i enjoyed Graces so much haha 🙂
      Cant wait for Xillia too
      im now a tales fan! I hope the vita tales games will come to europe too..

  • I don’t even like lightening and I still find her new outfit insulting and stupid. I don’t know what the hell square is thinking trying to blend final fantasy with super hero games and ocarina of time.

    • I like Lightning and I like her new outfit.  I also don’t see what’s wrong with blending such elements into this game.

  • Metayoshi

    If it’s a good game, I will play it. I personally liked XIII, but I never played XIII-2 since I didn’t hear great things about it. The footage didn’t show anything exciting in my opinion, but as always, we’ll see…

    •  XIII-2 was much better than the first game, combat felt a lot more polished and you weren’t shoe-horned or limited in what you could upgrade as much.  If you liked XIII you would like XIII-2 imho.

    • Personally, I enjoyed the original much better.  More interesting storyline, character development, and the original implementation of the battle system was better IMO.  The second game set to improve on it half-heartedly by applying changes that didn’t need to be made, and ended up just being a little different for the sake of being different.  There were some strong qualities of XIII-2, but the game felt like it lacked a real inspiration.  

  • Honestly, I can’t wait.  This trailer has me pumped and I can’t wait to try out that new battle system!  I don’t get the hate behind the FF XIII games, so far they have been great, not the best Final Fantasies, but still really good ones.

  • Final Fantasy meets Assassin’s Creed

  • So it’s like a less stylish Bayonetta

  • If the entire story line of XIII wasn’t crap I might have been able to play this. XIII-2’s story is just plain stupid the combat was fun but that was about it.

  • dbclick

    IMO that trailer wasn’t well produced in a way that would make too many people interested in the game. I wonder if it was ever meant to see the light of day.

    That said it does illuminate some of the changes they are working on for the battle system. I’m liking what I see of the “Paradigm Shift” mechanic here that changes your control set and available moves on the fly. It seems to have a flavor of FF X-2’s dressphere system but more directly action based (I loved X-2’s battle system, not it’s story).

    I hope the game turns out well as it has a bunch of interesting mechanics put into its design. The world exploration aspects of FFXIII (too linear) and FFXIII-2 (too disconnected) didn’t do it for me for world immersion.

  • dubaloseven

    I’m intrigued. I’ve always wanted to see how a JRPG would function with just one character. It may not look great now, but I’m thinking thats because its a an early build. I fully expect an awesome game when it releases.

  • I wonder if any Wii U only owner will start port begging for this too ^^;