Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden Trailer

We all got a shock a little while ago when Square Enix suddenly announced that Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden would have a remake, and that it would be for the Nintendo 3DS.

Well, they have just released their first official gameplay trailer for Dragon Quest VII, and you can check it out here (http://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=CR0gw3f0fOk&feature=player_embedded) (because Square-Enix has embedding disabled).

Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden for the 3DS is going to be more than just a remake of the original PlayStation 1 game. It’s going to be an enhancement, with updated graphics, new content and a fully orchestrated soundtrack. Square Enix have also confirmed that they’ll be doing away with the old random encounter battle system.

Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden will be hitting Japan February 7th. You can visit the official website here (http://www NULL.dragonquest NULL.jp/dq7/).

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