Devil Survivor 2 Anime Announced

Friday, December 7th, 2012

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An anime adaptation for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 has just been announced. Who better to direct the adaptation then Seiji Kishi, who previously directed the anime adaptation for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. While Makoto Uezu will be handling the adaptation with the series scripts, Yoshimichi Hirai will be acting as assistant director, and Kotaro Nakagawa will be scoring the music. The anime will air on the Spring Anime Season in April of next year.

The teaser website can be viewed here. At the same time, it seems yet another project related to Devil Survivor 2 will be announced soon which is shown on another teaser website.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 is a DS game which was released in February of this year in America, but which has yet to be released in PAL regions. While not a direct sequel, the game continues with the strategic tactical RPG elements that made the first Devil Survivor its own entity within the whole series. The game follows a group of three high school students (the protagonist, Daichi, and their friend Io) returning home by subway from cram school when each get an email on their cell phones which forewarns them about their eventual death and is shown to them via a video of them dying in a subway accident. While they survive their dance with death, demons appear wanting to kill them.

An app on their phones from the website Nicaea spawned these demons, but also let Daichi and Io combat them with their new-found demon-summoning apps which helps them defeat the threat. Just as soon as they escape the subway they run into a mysterious group known as JPs, from whom they learn about an invading alien threat known as the Septentrion which have been appearing in Tokyo. The game borrows huge inspiration from Evangelion so it should be no surprise to anyone who sees a connection already.

I know what you’re going to say; “Why isn’t Persona 3 getting the adaptation?” Who knows, frankly I’m glad they choose a Devil Survivor title, though if I had the choice I would gone with the first game. Since the Devil Survivor games have so far had their stories, premise, and narrative based off the same principles of the mainline Shin Megami Tensei series, in terms of Law/Chaos/Neutral, it will be interesting to see which route they choose. Personally, I’m hoping for a chaos route! What do you all think?

Nameless Protagonist (Anime Name Given – Hibiki Kuze)

Daichi Shijima

Io Nitta

Yamato Hotsuin

Anguished One

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  • I would’ve gone with the first game as the anime first, but considering DS2 has those same type of wacky moments found in the later Persona games, that’s probably why they went with it. And the fact that a Persona 3 anime might see the same problems as P4 did; plus its getting a movie.

    Whatever the case, I’m really hoping this is actually true. Would rather see the first game done first, but I’ll take what I can get. *gasps* Wait a second, Makoto Sako is in this game. Okay, now I’m perfectly fine with this anime. Make it happen!

    • ^ This. Every last word. But I also add sentiments regarding both Jungo and Hinako. They were my favorite characters, after all. 

    •  And Joe too. Can’t believe I forgot about him. Even in my mind he’s managing to flake out from being mentioned.

    • What kind of problems did you feel the P4 anime had? Personally, I thought it was a brilliant adaption. Especially in the way they handled Yu.

    • Some people had problems with characterization and the fact that its so compressed. Not sure if there are any other problems; I haven’t really gone around and asked or anything.

      I’ve seen some bits of the anime and it was alright.

    • Oh, you haven’t seen it? You should watch it. I heard similar things and thought the same for the first several episodes, but then it starts to develop Yu and it gets amazing. There are also episodes that show the ridiculousness of all the things you have to juggle in the game to get Social Links while also showing the positive affect Yu has on other’s lives. All of that really blew me away. 

    • @Tyler: I’ve seen some of the beginning episodes and some of the later ones when my sister went on a P4 Anime spree a few months ago. I just haven’t say down and watched it from beginning to end. It happens with most shows I watch.

    • I think it was to fast and the characters didn’t really fight, it was their Persona doing all the job

    • I know I know, I can’t wait for Makoto’s tsundere antics to kick in at times too 😉

  • This will be pretty helpful for me, I haven’t even managed to beat the first one and I hear the second is even harder?? No way man, I would break my 3DS before I even got close to an ending. 

    • I didn’t find 2 that hard compared to the first one. There were some hard moments but overall I found it easier. It may have something to do with the fact that you have things like the Compendium and that the demons felt more balanced in the sense of racial abilities. I know that if you want Tyranny users in the first one, there’s only so many higher level ones before you have to drop down to the lower ones and there’s a big enough level gap that leveling the lower ones will take awhile.

      Of course, I’m talking about the original version of the first game. Haven’t had a chance to play Overclocked yet so those issues may not be present.

    • Yeah, I’m playing Overclocked so I’m not sure of what new changes there are in it. But that is good to hear that it is a bit easier…Honestly, I am terrible when it comes to game difficulty. If most people says something is easy, I will find it hard; if it’s hard, I’ll beat it no problem. It makes it very hard to judge such things OTL

  • Persona 3 is getting movie adaptations, it was announced some time ago

  • Bob

    The P4A was a disappointment? 

    • I know a number of people that complained incessantly about how truncated the story was (which really people should have seen coming, given the number of episodes there are), or about how characters didn’t behave as they thought they should because they had misconceptions of the characters from their time with the game.  Or they’d get hung up on the quality of the animation in the original broadcasts (some of the poorer art/animation was cleaned up for the DVD/Blu-ray release).

      For what it was, I thought the show was great.  It did as much justice to the source material as I could expect form a series of that length and more than made up for the travesty that was Persona: Trinity Soul.

    • Bob

      Yeah…the show was freaking AWESOME.
      Of course they had to condense it. Of course they had to bend game mechanics to fit to a TV show.
      And I own the blu-ray and I LOVE the animation style.
      I loved the anime, and I cannot freaking wait for P3 The Movie to come out.

  • TonyDaiz

    What?! Disappointment after disappointment today…First, Xenoblade isn’t getting all the glory it deserves at IGN’s poll and now this! Why isn’t the first version of DeSu getting an anime!?