DISCUSSION: Our Highest Expectations / Biggest Fears Regarding Wii U

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

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Tomorrow, tomorrow!

I’ll be honest. While you fine folks are reading this article, I’m likely toiling away at work, where I’m buckling down for the Thanksgiving holiday as a grocery store clerk. But throughout the day, despite the daunting rush ahead, I know nothing can touch me! The Wii U launches tomorrow, and I’m going to join most of you in line this evening/tomorrow morning, and eventually we’ll tear open boxes one eager fan after the next, with the widest of smiles upon our faces.

You already know what games the Oprainfall Staff will be playing. But I wouldn’t feel right welcoming a new console into my home without discussing the aspects of this thing that get us pumped up…or make us dread what’s to come. Please join us in discussing the potential the Wii U has…to burn bright, or to fade!


James Best, Review Staff: I’m excited for the Wii U because of the new gameplay opportunities offered by the GamePad. Miiverse also sounds really awesome, and I love the idea of having a gaming dedicated social service. The Wii U is also a pretty powerful system and will, hopefully, get in on future multiplatform games like Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider, GTA V, etc. My one reservation, however, is that the console will end up like the Wii with sparse game releases and little third party support. But that doesn’t seem very likely.

Justin Graham, Writer: I’m looking forward to the new sorts of experiences it has the potential to bring. Games like ZombiU already show plenty of potential on how the Wii U Gamepad and TV can interact together. There is legitimate reason to be cynical, I think, as ZombiU’s developer Ubisoft was also responsible for the Wii launch game Red Steel, which was similarly hyped, yet failed to live up to its promises.

However, I had a chance to mess around with a couple of Wii U games at this year’s PAX Prime. The games I tried worked as I expected them to work, and more importantly, I had fun with them. Playing games on the Wii U sold me on the concept that it’s a good idea. It has plenty of potential.

Will it all be enough? I have no idea. I’d like to think so; the Wii U definitely has ideas galore, and is attracting far greater attention from developers big and small in the early going than was generally seen on the Wii. Time will ultimately tell what happens, but I’d rather focus on the potential than the pitfalls.

Jonathan Higgins, Chief Editor: I was one of many that lined up eager to purchase the 3DS at $249.99 when it was first released over a year ago. After being duped in such a way and still not being completely satisfied with the 3DS until this holiday season, I vowed, “You won’t fool me again, Nintendo!”

And then I flew off to my Gamestop and bought/paid off the Wii U immediately after they announced it. First to know, first in line, first to be fooled if they don’t deliver. But Nintendo knows me all too well, ladies and gentlemen. They’ve offered Super Mario World HD (with a bit of an unfortunate name), a few spectacular Wii U eShop launch games coming soon or a little down the line, and…unlike with 3DS…unwavering potential. I think Nintendo held their cards close at this year’s E3 so they can completely blow us away this time next year…

…with another $80 price decrease four months after launch! I kid because I love.

Ryan Tyner, Admin:  I know I’m not getting a Wii U at launch, but I also know I’ll get one eventually. I’m excited to play Nintendo games in HD, finally. I’m not sure what to think about the controller but it seems neat. Right now I’m just waiting on a library I’m interested in. But I have to say, I’d like to play the new Mario game! It sounds awesome.

Will Whitehurst, Editor: Nintendo has a lot of wonderful ideas up their sleeves. MHTri Ultimate is definitely a system seller for quite a few core gamers, from what I can tell, and Ninja Gaiden 3 is Nintendo’s first M-rated title in…seven years? (I think Geist came out that long ago.) However, that wasn’t exactly a good move, even though it’s apparently much more satisfying than the original. 

I won’t get a Wii U right at launch, but I may very well get one by June or July of next year. Who knows? Either way, Nintendo hasn’t let me down yet. Not even now.

“Potential versus pitfalls”…. it’s an interesting sentiment, indeed. But, no discussion can be balanced without a look at what could be problematic about the Wii U. Please do join us on Page Two for a look at what ails us based on the experiences we had with the Wii and Nintendo in general. 

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  • Emil64

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these systems. 

  • jack

    The one thing that I am hoping for, as in Wii-U’s case, is that (NoA, NoE) will publish or bring over more niche titles like Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, ( was looking forward to Pandora’s Tower… but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. I’ll take what I can get.) I’m afraid that they may say that they will do better by bringing out more early in Wii-U’s lifecycle  but then fail to deliver later on. I am on the waiting list for the Wii-U and I hope I’m wrong.

    • Mizu D

      However the good thing I notice lately, if it is not worth to bring retail copy of these niche title, releasing them on the digital store is the only way to go from now on. We can see Arcana Hearts 3 and One Piece going the PSN digital store. 3 out of 4 Guild games appearing on 3DS eShop. And so on. We also learned that the 4th game didn’t come over here due to the heavy translation, cost to bring it here. So digital version of unreleased Wii game here would be the way to go.

  • I won’t be getting one for a year or two, but not for any lack of excitement. I only really got into gaming as a hobby 4 or 5 years ago, so I’ve been playing catchup on the last 20 years of gaming. With a backlog of games that is probably nearing 100, I just can’t justify spending that much when I already have so many games left to play. Being happy with what you have, and all that….

  • TrueWiiMaster

    Sigh… Several of these people seem to think a game needs to be violent/dark/deep to appeal to mature gamers.  I’m over 20, and the games I’m most looking forward to are NSMB, Scribblenauts, Rayman, and Pikmin 3.  Because I, as an adult, want them, that means they appeal to mature people.  Likewise, there are plenty of extremely immature people who play violent/dark/deep games, as quickly becomes apparent when you play games on Xbox Live.  Say you don’t want the games, or that the games don’t seem violent/dark/deep enough.  Don’t say the Wii U doesn’t have anything for older gamers, because it does.

    • I agree with your sentiments, as someone in your same age group. But many gamers even older than us have proclaimed “I grew up; Nintendo didn’t grow up with me”. They have kind of a valid point, in that respect.

      Mature gamers with an affinity for imagination and bright imagery can find Nintendo appealing, as we do. But there are many more who seek thrills, darker themes, and the stuff of… Demon Souls?… that Nintendo sometimes can’t deliver without compromising (or at least testing) their image. The Wii U hosts a variety of mature ports, but we’ve yet to see something truly original. I think we will, in time. 

      Saying “the Wii U has few mature games, at the moment” is what I’m sure was trying to be communicated.

  • The Wii U browser doesn’t disappoint! I’m posting this comment with it.

  • Borbi

    If you want to see more JRPGs on the Wii U, like this page on FB!
    And if you don’t care about JRPGs, just like that facebook page because “Kunilliafall” is an awesome name!

  • Eugene Ng

    What about the Wii? Will the console have any back support after the Wii U release? That is the million dollar question nonetheless it is a must buy except its a nuisense to have them keep the region locking! If they removed it and made a change then it would sell well.