Nintendo Download: November 8th (North America)

Nintendo Download Paper Mario Sticker Star


This week on Nintendo Download, the biggest title is unquestionably Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The Paper Mario series returns to its roots after Super Paper Mario‘s focus on platforming. Now with stickers, of course. Unfortunately, the eShop will have to wait until the 11th to get it (priced at $39.99), just like retail shelves.

The other highlight (I use that term very loosely) of the week is Pokedex 3D Pro, an expanded version of the Pokedex 3D app. That was free. The Pro version has all of the Pokemon from every generation and with no need to unlock them. It costs $14.99. What a jump in price.

Also on the eShop side of things, we’ve got Johnny Hotshot ($5.99) and Dress to Play: Cute Witches ($3.99). The first is a sequel to Johnny Kung Fu, featuring more retro game shenanigans. The latter is one part dress up another part broomstick riding. (…that sounds kind of cool, actually)

On DSiWare there’s Come On! Dragons, another CIRCLE Entertainment game, priced at 200 points/$1.99 and Smart Girl’s Playhouse Mini, a mini-game collection priced at 500 points/$4.99.

There is also a Virtual Console game on the Wii, SENGOKU 2, a Neo Geo action platformer.

If you aren’t tired of the Presidential election yet, Nintendo Video has The 2012 Presidential Games for your viewing. In 3D of course.

Finally, and what I am most excited for, we have a demo for Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusions. The game is a spiritual successor to the beloved Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. We are sure to be in for some platforming goodness and some beautiful sprite animations.

And that’s it for this week’s Nintendo Download! What are you guys getting? As for me, I am downloading the Epic Mickey demo ASAP.


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