Staff Picks: Top 10 Scariest Enemies in Video Games

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

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Warning: This does contain spoilers for certain games.

Happy Halloween, everybody.  I hope all of you in the Northeast will get back on your feet soon enough.  For those of you with power, we have something special for you today: A TOP 10 LIST!

Okay, maybe not the most original thing on the site but hey, it’s all about scary enemies!

I need to bring this up because it’s been bugging me since the beginning of the month.  We took a staff poll of what special Top 10 we should do for today.  On it, we had things like Haunted Houses and Creepers.  Instead, a number of staff decided to be bland and vote for Scariest Enemies.

To you, the reader, I would like to apologize.  To the staff members that voted for this, I’d like to say, “YOU’RE BORING!”

Anyways, have you ever had an encounter with an enemy in a game that scared you so much that you crapped your pants?  Have you ever pissed yourself as you were attacked from monsters from the abyss?  Has a character in a game made you curl up in the fetal position for hours?

Yeah, none of those guys make it on here.  And I apologize for that.  Instead, we have list of creepy but not necessarily scary enemies because our staff is apparently made up of non-horror game playing freaks.

Actually, I take that back.  I actually have never played a game that was scary since Catacombs: The Abyss.  I’ve played games with scary moments but none that were inherently scary.  And, unfortunately, so has most of the staff.

So, before we get to what we voted for, here is what we didn’t:


  • The Hospital Nurses from Silent Hill 2
  • Crimson Heads from Resident Evil
  • Metroids from the Metroid series
  • Nemesis from Resident Evil 3
  • Lady Mamiya from Sweet Home
  • LAST MAN CUT: Broken Neck from Fatal Frame

Now, on with the show:

10. The Lickers from Resident Evil

Scariest Enemies Licker

Lickers are some scary creatures.  They’re a mutation of regular zombies that makes them quicker and more powerful.  They also don’t have any skin.  So, yeah, you can see their brains.

The thing that makes the Lickers deadly is their elongated tongue.  Not only is it longer but it is extremely powerful and can decapitate.  Talk about a tongue lashing.


9. Slenderman from Slender

Seriously.  We have people on staff that are scared of THIS GUY:

Scariest Enemies Slenderman

Come on!  How can you be scared of this guy?!

Scariest Enemies Slenderman


Scariest Enemies Slenderman

In their defense, Slender is a creepy game.  I wouldn’t say that Slenderman is scary (just for the fact that I first saw him in LittleKuriboh’s videos) but he’s definitely not a guy you don’t want chasing you in the dark.

*The preceding images were taken from Concrete Giraffes by CardGamesFTW.  Animation was done by RocketGal.*


8. Samus Aran-X from Metroid Fusion

Because what can be scarier than a heartless version of yourself?

Scariest Enemies SA-X

…Maybe something scary?

Well, not all of us have the tools and skills that Samus Aran has, which makes her exact evil doppelganger scary (at least in thought).

I’m sorry.  I don’t know how to justify how some of our staff voted for this.  How about you guys go on to Page 2?  I need to whip the people that voted for this.

About Jeff Neuenschwander

Jeff has been a supporter of the website and campaign since the beginning. Joining in for E3 2012, he worked his way up the ranks quickly, making it to the Editing Manager post at the beginning of 2013. Jeff has a wide variety of tastes when it comes to gaming and pretty much likes anything that is quirky, although his favorite genres are Action, Platforming, and RPG. Outside of gaming, Jeff is a musician, being trained as a trombonist for Jazz and Classical music, and holds a degree in Sound Recording.

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  • Top 10 Creepers!!!

    TOP 10 CREEPERS!!!!

    Lame, boring people…. *sigh*



      I wanted Top 10 Creepers in the creepy pervert way!

    • Oh…like what exactly?

    • I dunno, like the creepy old man characters! Raven from Tales of Vesperia comes to mind for me.

    • Oh, you mean like the Mask Salesman from Majora’s Mask.  I getcha.

    • RyanOPR

      Rita + Raven 4life!

    • RyanOPR

      Also, Dunban + Melia would also be acceptable. Though it’s not really creepy as some think it is for a couple of reasons that I won’t get into.

  • While I don’t think this list consists of the scariest enemies in video games, myself, but there’s no need to keep apologizing about it.  Just leave it to a disclaimer to say that isn’t the be all end all of opinion among the staff at Operation Rainfall.  On topic, I haven’t played many horror games.  But, there can be some pretty disturbing enemies in non-horror games too.  Key example: the fast and poison zombies from Half-life 2.  Where be they on this list?

    • Jeff Neuenschwander

      I’m sorry James for apologizing.  As for the Fast and Poison zombies from HL2, they didn’t receive any votes.  And for that I have to say I’m sorry.

  • Kyle Bue

    Great list (with a couple…. interesting choices). I would even go as far as to add the moon from Majora’s Mask as at least an honorable mention. It was creepy to know that throughout the whole game, that creepy moon was staring down at you the whole time, ready to destroy the world.

    • Jeff Neuenschwander

      We actually did debate on the Moon from MM.  However, we came to a consensus that the Moon, though scary looking as it may be, is a victim in the game as it gets pulled down toward the world, not an enemy.

    • I’d have to agree. The moon from MM is very unnerving and quite scary in a terrifying psychological way. I hesitate to call it an enemy though but more of an event that so happens to have a face. Its part of what I love about MM. Its quite scary to have the embodiment of your and everyone else’s death hanging above your head, looking down at you with those eyes and teeth, moving closer and closer every 12’th hour. AHHHHH. 
      I like how during the last 12 hours every one in game either loses themselves in fear or disbelief. take the dojo instructor. During the final hours he is seen huddled in the back crying over his apparent death.

  • Also, I think it might have helped if this list were Top Ten Scariest Enemies From Non-Horror Video Games.  I’ve seen this distinction made before, although it wouldn’t apply to this list without some tweaking as there are already some Horror game monsters on it.

  • Lightthrower

    3 Zelda mentions for scariest enemies in videogames? Huh? You guys get scared playing Zelda? That’s…. quite weird. I personally was scared shitless with the first Silent Hill when I was a teen. Couldn’t play it past the hospital level. 

    • Well to be fair Zelda did have some scary enemies. Back as a kid I didn’t like the stalchildren and the redeads. I also emphasize the word “did”. The nintendo of the n64 era is very different from the one of today. They removed the blood stains from the well, the shadow temple, and deadhand enemy. I wonder if its safe to say R.I.P scary in zelda.

    • I argued as much as I could against including multiple Zelda enemies in this list, but I couldn’t argue with how our voting turned out.  It just seems weird to see Zelda on a list where games like Amnesia, Fatal Frame and Silent Hill should be king.

      I guess I should be thankful that the Majora’s Mask moon didn’t make the cut.

    • Kai

      Most of the people here played the N64 Zeldas as children. Their opinions have been warped by time and nostalgia will kick in every time these old classics are mentioned.

  • ……THE F@#$!? Okay, some of those things I understand being on there but… HUH!? Like… Soooo many of those I just… I don’t even… wah!?

  • bub_mario

    First thought upon seeing this list: Regenerators, Regenerators, Regenerators….

    Seriously, some fans my lament RE4’s more action-based gameplay, but the Regenerators more than make up for any short-comings the game had in fear!

    • Kai

      It is still one of the worst games I’ve ever played.

    • bub_mario

      I’m sorry you feel that way. It’s one of my favorites.

    • Hmm.  Well, it’s a solid game in it’s own right, and many people mention it as a very progressive title.  Most of those people are comparing it to the newer RE games, which fail in comparison to RE 4.

    • Agreed. the regenerators are scary as hell. I mean that creepy breathing of theirs was unnerving as all hell. I hate them(in a good way)

  • As others have said … odd list choices.  Kirie (The Calamity) from Fatal Frame should be on here.  She scared the crap out of me and my friend.

    • She was a nominee, I made sure of that.  We actually had a very extensive list of nominees covering games both popular and obscure.  I don’t agree with a lot of these results and am just as baffled that it turned out this way.

  • I was honestly terrified of ReDeads for a long time… I loathed having to go into the Royal Crypt and the Bottom of the Well, just to meet those moaning, face-hugging things of evil. But by the time I got to the Shadow Temple, I was too used to them to be afraid. The scariest enemies are the ones that continuously surprise you and change the way they act and you react. Otherwise, they just become some lanky brown guy who doesn’t shut the hell up.