UPDATE: Dragon Quest VII Remake for 3DS, February 7 Release in Japan, New Soundtrack and Other Features

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

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This morning, news is making the rounds of a Dragon Quest VII remake for the Nintendo 3DS. This is not a resurfacing of the rumor that was posted late last year to this effect. Many were speculating that a 3DS remake of either DQ7 or Final Fantasy VII was in development.

Dragon Quest VII has been confirmed for the 3DS via Jump Magazine in Japan, and it is currently set to release February 7th 2013 for 6090 yen. Several features to the game are highlighted in Jump Magazine, including some Streetpass and Wi-Fi capabilities.

The soundtrack will be performed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden will feature new content in its story and other aspects.

You can view the magazine scan below.

Dragon Quest VII (Dragon Warrior VII in the USA) was originally released on the Playstation One almost twelve years ago. Did anyone get the chance to enjoy this classic game in its day?


Nintendo of America has localized almost every single Dragon Quest on the Nintendo DS at this point. They (with some help from Square-Enix) brought us all three games in the Zenithia Trilogy, as well as the famed Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. While no news has been offered as to the fate of Dragon Quest X in the west, as of yet, we can only hope news of this newly announced remake will make its way to the United States and Europe soon!

Are you excited for another portable Dragon Quest game? Let us know in the comments below!



  • Luis Gustavo F. Pádua

    Now I have a strong motive to get my 3ds!

    Waiting this and DQX on WiiU(sadly Wii will not get a version of dqx)


  •  this is so ironic. i just reviewed the PS1 version and said there was no remake for this game…i posted it about two weeks ago.

    • Sniper D. Luffy

      ironic…but so satisfying…time to update that review… 😀

    •  if the 3DS version comes to america ill rent it and do a quick update review

  • “I’d say this game has a high chance of being localized.”

    We didn’t get Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection. There’s still no word on Dragon Quest X for either Wii or Wii U. We have no idea if we’ll be getting Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D.

    As it stands, Nintendo’s probably going to use the low sales of Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 and Fortune Street against us.

    • All three games in the Zenithia Trilogy were localized, as well as Dragon Quest IX. If I recall correctly, these games sold reasonably well here and were all critically acclaimed.

      The reason we haven’t received word of Dragon Quest X is no doubt because Nintendo wants to show off the game at E3. The Dragon Quest 25 Anniversary Collection was best suited for Japan; the franchise isn’t nearly as celebrated here.

      Much like the pleas for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, I assume it’s a matter of when versus if; we’re just going to be waiting until whenever Nintendo or Square-Enix deems it appropriate.

    • The Zenithia Trilogy is a bit of a bad example, seeing as how two of the three were published by Square-Enix, before they threw their arms up and said “Forget it!”

      Localizing the Anniversary Collection would have meant a chance to release the never before released Super Famicom versions of Dragon Quest I – III, as well as Europe finally getting to play the games since they never got to play any Dragon Quest games until VIII hit the PS2.

      There’s also the matter of Nintendo having released Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 with little to no advertising, which may have prompted low sales (heck, we got the inferior version as Japan had an updated version already out).

    • Dragon Quest Monsters is an entirely different beast than the conventional Dragon Quest games, though. I have little experience with those games, but to my understanding (from the little I played of a Gameboy Color game back in the 90s), the Dragon Quest Monsters franchise amounts to little more than a subset, if not an evolution, of the Pokemon formula with Dragon Quest characters.

      The success of the Dragon Quest Monsters games here, as well as the Fortune Street game, have little to do with the standard DQ JRPGs that were brought here (regardless of Square-Enix giving up and passing the torch to Nintendo or not), reviewed well, and sold at or above par (enough to warrant Dragon Quest IX and VI respectively, and Dragon Quest X inevitably).

      Localizing the Anniversary Collection would have meant acknowledging a twenty-five year history of a franchise that is STILL trying to earn its footing here in the United States and in Europe. In my opinion, it would have never made sense to release the collection here outside of catering to a tiny niche that’s already aware of the franchise’s tradition, like ourselves. 

      I’m basing this off of very little, I’ll admit, but isn’t it better to be optimistic than negative? Localizing these games takes quite a bit of time, and Nintendo traditionally announces these games within six months of their release (as they’re not major sellers like Mario). I suspect we hear news of both this game and Bravely Default in the West before 2013 is over.

      Even if the game releases February XX, 2014 (as is typical for DQ releases stateside), I’m thinking this game will arrive here eventually.

    • Sniper D. Luffy

      since when doesn’t JP get an “updated” version to a game… Kingdom hearts anyone?

    • Sniper D. Luffy

      if it don’t….at least i can get a JP 3DS to play this game…if it does sees US side…then 3DS here i come!!!

  • Except Dragon Quest VII isn’t a fantastic JRPG, it’s widely considered the worst in the franchise, I love Dragon Quest VII, I’d just rather have any other game in the series than it, and yes even DQI…

    • I’ll admit I’ve little to no experience with DQ7. Do you think the game’s reputation could improve through this 3DS remake?

    • It’s still a great game and better than most out there, it’s just not half as good as most of the DQ games, this is a chance for them to vastly improve it, we’ll see what happens…

    • I’d have to agree. I played it on the ps1 and I didn’t like it all that much. Finding all those pieces to the various maps go to from place to place wasn’t very good. Much like the triforce hunt in wind waker. I’d probably rather have any dragon quest remade except this one.

    •  The game is polarizing, but is not widely considered the worst.  You’d find a great number of people to say it is the best in fact.  The detail given to the various towns and NPCs is unmatched by any other DQ.  The battle system needs to be sped up though!  Put DQIX’s battle system in here and the game would be perfect.

    • Sniper D. Luffy

      didn’t realize the battle system was slow to begin with… O_o

    • Well then what would you say is considered the worst? I mean with the exception of possibly 4 I can’t think of another candidate for that slot, although I suppose 8 is down there as well…

    • Sniper D. Luffy

      worst in the franchise?! O_O does not compute…*frenzy*

  • bulletproof3DS

     oh, cool 🙂 i still have yet to really play this one, since i never had my own playstation. it will probably take an extra year for us to get it, tho, like with DQ6 :/

  • I still have DQ VII for the PSOne! It’s one of the most time consuming yet rewarding RPG’s i’ve ever played.

    • Sniper D. Luffy

      played the living daylights out of it…worth the $12.99… 😀

  • I’ve played DQ7, but haven’t finished it. From what I did manage to play, I liked it.

    • Sniper D. Luffy

      then the best was yet to come…some of the advanced classes are simply awesome…i got one word for you out of the many that awaits: Hellblast…

  • Game was so damn hard! 

    • Votoms4EVR

      According to Tim Rogers, in his review of DQV, “in the remakes [for the DS], the fractions are significantly reduced. If you’ve ever played Dragon Quest IV for the Famicom, then you need only play the remake on the DS for a half an hour before you realize how breezy it now is. Enemies drop twice the gold and offer twice the experience points. Items are now three-quarters the price they once were. Selling back a piece of armor or a weapon yields you three-quarters its price in gold, where in the old version it had been half. This macroeconomic squeeze is purely for politeness purposes, and probably Yuji Horii’s idea: the game is portable now, you’re playing it in ten-minute bursts while riding trains or toilets…”

      So, possibly, this remake of DQVII will feature similar changes to the battle / economic systems?

    • Sniper D. Luffy

      not hard as much as grinding required…i’ll admit there were a few bosses that kicked me to the curb a few times… HellVine i’m looking at you…

  • This is going to be inn-credible….. plus a live rendition of the beautiful score (like the treatment DQ8 got).  Now I have no reason not to pick up a 3ds!

  • Sniper D. Luffy

    ha!!!! DQ did it first!!! Take that FF 7!!! come to daddy!!!! now only if the original is on PSN…