New Animal Crossing: New Leaf Trailer for the 3DS

Animal Crossing New Leaf

During the latest Nintendo Direct, a trailer for the newest installment in the Animal Crossing series, titled Animal Crossing: New Leaf, was released.  In the trailer, players will take on the role of acting as the mayor of a town, which differs from previous installments in the series.  This role will have the player taking care of task such as building new landmarks and buying equipment in order to expand the city.  As the mayor, the player will also have their own office and be able to walk around town wearing a stylish top hat.

Clothing design has reached a new level with players being able to switch between shirts, paints and even socks to customize their character.  Also shown in New Leaf were previous features from past games such as fishing, bug catching, and even a small appearance by a special someone at the end of the trailer.  Check out the trailer below to see all the new features that the game has to offer.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the next installment in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series, will be released on the 3DS in early 2013.  Stay tuned to OpRainfall to hear more about the game as news develops.  For more coverage on the Nintendo Direct event, click here. To watch the Nintendo Direct event in full, click here.

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