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BATTLE 5: The Headstrong Girl 












With every dainty female character that comes with a JRPG, you can guarantee that there will always be a headstrong, tomboy, takes-no-crap kind of female character. Sharla and Syrenne fill these boots with tenacity, courage and err… being drunk (in Syrenne’s case anyway).

Sharla’s had a rough time. Parentless, she has had to look after her younger, always getting into trouble, brother – Juju (seriously, that’s his name). The Mechon destroyed her home district, forcing her to live in a dank, poxy cave; and the man she loves is missing and presumed dead. You could say she’s a little frustrated. Despite all that, however, she still carries on fighting and is a great asset to your team due to her immense healing abilities and long-range attacks from her rifle. She’s caring and supportive, but isn’t afraid to stand up against you if you cross her… and it’s best you don’t, her rifle packs a mean punch.

Syrenne only likes doing two things – fighting and drinking beer… a lot of beer. You could say that she has quite a simple outlook on life. With her it’s not about having a lot of money, or living a life of luxury – nope, it’s all about taking down the bad guys and getting really, really drunk with her friends. She loves to have a laugh and really enjoys winding up Lowell, which sparks an interesting relationship between them. However, don’t take her jovial perspective of life too seriously, as she can be mean when she want’s to be. Brandishing double swords, she is a force to be reckoned with and will always run head first into the enemies. She may seem a little reckless, but she’s a teammate you’ll never want leaving your side.

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