More Details on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

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Some new details for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII dropped onto the Internet. One of the more interesting details about the game is that it’ll play like a combination of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Mass Effect (or any game with a moral choice system, really). You have 13 days to save the world, where each day is represented in real time as up to two hours, with the length of time fluctuating from time to time. Your choices affect the amount of life on the world and, depending on your choices, the game can end before the 13-day limit. In fact, helping some people will actually decrease the amount of life, strangely enough.

As far as combat is concerned, it’s more action-based than the previous games. There’s still an ATB system in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, though. (Baby steps, Square). Some parts of the combat system are timing-based, so there may be some quick-time events in combat (euuuuuuuuugh). Unlike most Final Fantasy games, you don’t control a party of characters; you just control Lightning. Menu commands are also done away with, having been replaced by actions that are mapped to specific buttons. You’re also able to move around freely during a battle sequence.

You can view the full list of details for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII here.

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  • Tim Valenta

    Here’s another “euuuuuuuuugh” for quick-time events 🙁  Might be interesting to have another Majora’s Mask style time limit though.  Sounds like they’re going for hyper-nonlinear again.

  • “There’s still an ATB system in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, though. (Baby steps, Square).”

    Kyle, you are a child.

    • ArtIristic

      Excuse me. What was that insult for? If you wanna comment, leave an opinion on the game, not the writer. 

      Kyle is one of the most hardworking writers on this site, and deserves well more respect than from someone like you. 

    • Kyle may be prolific, but he is also a horrible reporter. So long as he injects snide, opinionated asides (or worse) into his articles as he so routinely does, he is not deserving of my respect. His output is heavily slanted, sarcastic, antagonistic, and above all, toxic to general discourse. I have stated similarly themed comments in other articles.

      To be frank, Kyle is terrible at what he does for this site because he is incapable of remaining impartial when reporting even the simplest of news items. News articles are not opinion pieces. They are meant to relate factual information. Kyle doesn’t seem capable of grasping this, and instead is content to write with the same highly opinionated style that suits the bottom-feeders at Kotaku rather than any outlet that one might consider respectable.

      And while my above comment is trite, I still feel it holds accurate. Kyle’s immaturity prevents him from doing well at this task.

    • Well, looks like SOMEONE doesn’t want to have a go on the bumper cars. >_>

    • I am one of three editors who have seen every single one of Kyle’s 100+ articles written on behalf of Operation Rainfall. We look over everything ever written for the website before it goes live. 

      If the Editing Team and Administrators truly had a problem with the way he wrote, we would do something about it. I cannot speak for the rest of us (outside of the fact that he [has] published 100 articles for the site), but: [I] cannot fault Kyle for having an opinion. 

      Kyle’s slant may come off as childish to some / many, but so long as he is willing to put forth the effort on our behalf, he certainly has MY respect and is a worthy writer for our site. 

    • I’ll say again, being prolific doesn’t mean being good at what he does.  Quantity is not a measure of quality.  And if the editorial standards of the site as a whole are such that Kyle is allowed to get away with being aggressive, belligerent, and otherwise childish in his news articles, then that shows poorly on those above him, as well.

      Because here’s the thing about slant; when reporting news, not opinion pieces, but actual, solid news items, professional reporters do not make a habit of injecting their own agendas into their writing.  They state facts.  They don’t color the news with their opinions.  Kyle, on the other hand, uses news items as his own personal coloring book.  It’s ridiculous.  An editor on a high school newspaper could do a better job than he does at keeping himself in check.

      Whether Kyle has written ten articles, or a hundred, or a thousand, and whether you’re perfectly okay with his style or not, that is not an excuse for reporting the news like an immature prat.

      And if you’re truly okay with that, that says a lot about the future of this website.  I’d love to see it blossom as a gaming community/volunteer site for news and reviews, but as long as editorial standards remain as they are, the site is either going to eventually fall apart at the seams, or become yet another hyper-marginalized gaming site that caters to a very specific crowd that enjoys this kind of writing.

      I’d ask you to consider that point, but it seems you’ve already made up your mind if you honestly believe that rhetoric such as Kyle’s is perfectly acceptable for reporting news.  All I know is that my old high school journalism teacher would have a field day with him.

    • RyanOPR


      As an owner of oprainfall, I can say that it is our prerogative to dictate how we allow our writers to write their articles. We never said that we would be a cut and dry source of news. We never really made any promises as to how we would provide people our news. We’re kind of still trying to find our identity since our website is relatively new.

      I guess what I am saying is, Kyle isn’t going anywhere because people seem to enjoy his articles, they get a lot of hits. You’re really the only person that seems to have a problem with him. You need to consider not reading his articles if they make you that upset.

    • And I’d ask you, just what was the point behind that comment? Baby steps? You do realize that Square Enix has produced games with real-time, action RPG combat before, right?  Kingdom Hearts?  Mana?  Do those ring a bell?

      Your comment was utterly pointless and served no purpose than to stir something that didn’t require any stirring.  Please explain to me why should have a go on the bumper cars you’re operating when you’re operating them with pointless dickery.