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(http://www NULL.rainbowmoongame a press release earlier today, eastasiasoft released details of its upcoming RPG Rainbow Moon, set for a PlayStation Network launch next month.  Our European friends can begin playing the game on July 4th.  However, the rest of the world will have to wait for a specified release date.

Pricing was also announced for the game.  North American gamers will be expected to pay about $15 for the game when it releases.  For those in Europe, it will be about €13.  Gamers in the UK will pay £10.  Also included in the release was a list of DLC, which will include the ability to buy coins, pearls, starter packs, amulet sets, and more.  DLC pricing will range from $.49 to $6.99, depending on the DLC (the Euro price will be the same).

Rainbow Moon will have you control Baldren as he is cursed by his arch-enemy and sent to the land of Rainbow Moon.  It will be your job to seal the dimensional gate and stop anyone, or anything, from getting through.

Rainbow Moon is a PS3 exclusive through PSN.  The game is rated E10 for Everyone 10 and up.  To learn more about the game, click here (http://www NULL.rainbowmoongame

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