E3: Wii Digital Downloads Transferable to Wii U

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

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With all the frustration surrounding Nintendo and the Wii U right now, I’m glad that there’s at least some good news. Scott Moffit, the Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo, confirmed in an ABC News report that digital purchases you’ve made on the Wii would be transferable to the Wii U. Not that there was any doubt that Nintendo wouldn’t let you transfer downloadable games from the Wii to the Wii U, but I’m happy it’s confirmed nonetheless.

He also confirmed that the Wii U would come with a charging cradle for the Wii U Gamepad. It’s nice that Nintendo’s letting us charge our controllers that way, but I sincerely hope that’s not the only way.


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  • I believe Nintendo had mentioned early on in the Wii lifecycle, that games you buy on the Virtual Console would be transferrable to later consoles.

  • Love the image, by the way.  Happy Happy Joy Joy.

  • Nice. Ren and Stimpy is totally pic related.

  • JohnP888

    Nintendo has already said that you can charge the controller through a cord that plugs into the console. 

  • Yippie. It still doesn’t put a dent in my utter disappointment of Nintendo’s lamest E3 presentation ever.  Maybe I;ll feel better about it when I see something that rescues my hope for Wii U’s success.  An awesome new console should have awesome new games, too. I need a beer.

    • MagmarFire

       C’mon, man. We got Pikmin 3 finally shown. If you thought this E3 was bad (and it’s not even over for Nintendo yet, since there’s still the 3DS showcase), you should watch E3 2008.

    • Yeah, 2008 was bad, but what makes this one so disappointing is that Nintendo had a chance to knock the ball clean out of the park but chose to try to satisfy everyone with their presentation–everyone except those people who made gaming what it is today.  I love Pikmin 3, and no, I haven’t lost hope for the Wii U–it’s still one awesome system.  And I even know about other games that are in development for Wii U, such as Project CARS, Zelda, and Super Smash Bros.

      Though, my question is why didn’t they at least mention those in their main presentation?  Of course, we who’ve followed the development of Wii U knew about these games, but the rest of those who didn’t (which seem to be the majority of gamers I know) didn’t follow the Wii U’s development much after E3 last year.  People now better understand the Wii U itself, but thanks to their weak presentation, they still don’t see why they should buy one, in terms of games.  Pikmin 3 alone isn’t going to sell the Wii U.

      Nintendo was and still is in a position where everyone’s still questioning if they’re really going to deliver with Wii U as much as the console promises.  Nintendo was given a rare second chance to make another first impression about the Wii U and it was all theirs for the taking.  It started out strong and positive, and then it just went downhill from there.  But it’s so stupid, because they actually DO have some attention-gaining Wii U titles coming to Wii U–they just didn’t feel like mentioning them for some odd reason.

      About the 3DS lineup tonight, I’ve been watching every E3 since 1996, I’ve noticed the pattern among the presentations.  The developers typically put there brightest or most risky investments in the main conference first (or, at least, that’s what Nintendo SHOULD’VE done this year…), and leave the rest for the show floor.  If you didn’t see anything groundbreaking announced in that out-of-place showing of those few 3DS games during the main presentation about Wii U, don’t hold your breath about there being much shown tonight for 3DS.  They would’ve well shown other heavy hitters instead of the Mario games (even though I do want Paper Mario).

      Again, I’m not upset about the games so much as I am about the weak impression that Nintendo simply did not do their best to shake.  I’m upset of how Nintendo simply didn’t take advantage of their advantages.  Impression is EVERYTHING in the gaming industry.  How are “core” gamers ever going to take you seriously if you end the evening with that rather sad display of Nintendo Land?  They make it SO hard to defend them.

    • MagmarFire

      Yeah, I hear ya. It was pretty embarrassing seeing them go back to a casual focus (while they did show some pretty dark third-party content). I think that stems to a lack of identification of their real audience. Soccer moms probably don’t watch E3, after all. Heck, it would’ve been great to see The Last Story getting some publicity over another milked Mario game (not to diss our favorite plumber or anything!).

      But I’m not going to place all the blame on a Nintendo misstep. For one, we’ve seen two awesome annual Nintendo conferences in a row, so I was kind of expecting this year to be lackluster compared to the other two, simply because of how long it takes to make games in comparison to setting up a press conference. Secondly, I empathize with the game developers who have to essentially put together two parallel builds of their game so they can actually showcase it at E3. Game design’s hard. Game designing for something that’s not even going to help the end product’s even harder.

      I guess we just need to be patient, is all. It’s nothing we’re not used to, I suppose, eh? Haha.

    • Yeah, true dat.  Actually, as time has moved on now, I’m much less sore about it now.  The damage wasn’t nearly as bad as upon initial impression.  After that presentation, I was expecting some stockholders to abandon Nintendo, for game news sources to do more doomsayer of Nintendo, and for people to generally make up their minds already about the Wii U.

      But so far, the most negative stuff I’ve read about Nintendo has been from other Nintendo fans like me, generally expressing how they wished the lineup was a little stronger and worrying probably expecting something like I did.

      I just really didn’t want to see Nintendo suffer any more ever-sarcastic remarks about arguably their best console since SNES.  But I think plenty of people realize the potential of Wii U well enough, despite the main presentation not being the heaviest-hitting.  And of course, we all know there’s a lot more to come with Wii U.

    • MagmarFire

      You and I both; it’s draining on a fan’s mind to constantly have a laughing stock status being thrown at you every which way from Nintendo haters. But haters gonna hate, and they gonna hate more as soon as they see the truly awesome content coming out for the Wii U.

      Could’ve been worse, all things considered. At least we didn’t have another Riiiiiiiiiidge Racerrrrrrrr on our hands, however lovable that meme may be.

    • Yeah, and Nintendo gave us our new meme for the year: non-specific action figure!

  • This is good news but I still wish purchases were tied to accounts like PSN and XBLA. If something happened to my Wii and SD cards, my Virtual Console purchases would be gone.